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How Joshie Become A Social Media Ambassador For Ritz Carlton

Once upon a time, Chris Hurn and his family checked out of a Ritz Carlton hotel after their vacation ended. To his horror, Hurn’s young son realised they had left Joshie behind.

Joshie was his favourite stuffed giraffe. Hurn told his son that Joshie had decided to stay back for a few days, while informing the hotel. Now, you would expect the hotel to ensure they immediately put Joshie in a box and shipped it back home. They did the opposite. 

They sent pictures of Joshie enjoying his extended vacation: at the swimming pool, the spa, even helping out the hotel employees in the loss prevention department. Ritz also sent a booklet to Chris Hurn, along with these pictures and took customer delight to the next level. Not to mention going ‘viral’ on social media. And it all started with a missing giraffe.


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