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CTQ’s mission is to enable companies and individuals to continuously build future relevance.

We live in a world where little can be taken for granted. Too many people are trapped on the Treadmill of Today, leading to their slow and inevitable irrelevance. For, they thought the future was someone else’s problem.

But not some leaders and individuals. They had the right mindset, culture, and habits to stay relevant. To grapple with what was coming next.

  • Manifesto - CTQ prides in having a reservoir of intellectual and creative horsepower to solve problems of future relevance. We fundamentally choose to be - Curious, Adaptable Deliberate, Consistent at Compounding, Human

Meet Our Team

Together, CTQ has a reservoir of intellectual and creative horsepower to solve problems of future relevance.

J. Ramanand

was a researcher in computer science before co-founding CTQ. An alumnus of IIT Bombay, he is the youngest winner of the BBC quiz show Mastermind India. Ramanand swears to being fueled by randomness. Collecting eclectic ideas for decades has helped him apply brimfuls of curiosity and creativity to problem-solving.

B.V. Harish Kumar

has been a marketer and entrepreneur for two decades. A co-founder at CTQ, some of his best insights have come from interests in fields like tennis and gardening. A flourishing garden needs a friendly environment, a thoughtful approach, and just the right amount of daily action. Sounds like upleveling to Harish.

CTQ Compounds: Compound your wisdom through daily, curated reads

Five ways we uplevel ourselves

Instill productive habits

CTQ reads extensively. This opens our eyes to new ideas, trends and authors. Read about how we clocked over 1000 days of reading a book summary every day. (To build such a habit for yourself, head over to CTQ Compounds)

We answer FutureRing questions

Each week, we answer special questions designed to make us reflect on our future relevance. These questions cover topics like learning insights, future trends, and signals of change.

We do work with interesting people

Our clients bring us interesting problems, pushing us to be more creative, and showing us new sides of the world. Their intellectual humility and curiosity keeps us grounded. If this sounds like a description of you, we’d love to say hello!

We record Smartcasts and write Smartletters

Our intellectual curiosity needs an outlet of expression. Two example are the CTQ Smartcasts and our Smartletter. Do subscribe to them. Oh, and we almost forgot about Incite Your Month.

We practice and experiment

Our Future Fitness Sessions give us practice grounds for trying out new ideas. It’s a place to fail gracefully. These pay off: offerings like CTQ Compounds have emerged from such practice grounds.

Unlock potential in 30 minutes.

In half an hour, let's explore how Choose To Thinq can invigorate your team's culture and bring your core values to life. Connect with us today.

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