Choose To Thinq helps growth-minded teams and individuals 'uplevel' themselves, especially with an eye to the future. 

Our work is multi-disciplinary and built on sources of wisdom from business and life. We help you broaden your perspectives, catch knowledge blind spots, make better decisions, foster impactful innovation, and do all this with deep engagement. 

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Our Story

Choose To Thinq was founded in 2014 by B. V. Harish Kumar and Ramanand Janardhanan, who each have over 15 years of experience in technology, innovation, marketing, and research.  Both are also avid quizzers, which helps them bring a deep sense of curiosity to tackle wicked problems.

The Name

The excellent book "Made To Stick" inspired our name. It comes from our approach of not forcing people to think, but get them to opt to think. 

A critical part of our DNA involves using ‘questions’ to discover, engage, and incite. Not surprisingly, "THINK" became "THINQ".

The Team

The CTQ team is based in Pune, India and is a team with multi-disciplinary skills. Its founders:


B.V.HARISH KUMAR, Co-founder

Educated at COEP (Pune) and MDI (Gurgaon), Harish worked as a marketer for IT products and innovation in places such as BMC Software, Infosys, and Cognizant. An entrepreneur since 2010, he previously founded "Tender Leaves", an online library service. An avid quizzer and sportsman, Harish has been a semi-finalist on the University Challenge TV quiz show on BBC India.

Currently, he is attempting to uplevel his tennis game.

J. RAMANAND, Co-founder

Ramanand studied Computer Science at COEP (Pune) and IIT Bombay. He worked in software development and applied research & innovation at Persistent Systems, Cognizant and IBM. He is the youngest winner of the BBC TV show Mastermind India. Apart from quizzing, he is an occasional writer, having published fiction and non-fiction pieces.

Currently, he is attempting to uplevel his writing.