"A focus on information processing, reaction, and execution causes the quality of our thoughts to suffer. We believe that corporate leaders in today’s complex world urgently need to recultivate the art of reflection."

How to Regain the Lost Art of Reflection, HBR, 2017


We live in an age of Information abundance. Result? You miss out on the critical ability to reflect and think about the things that matter.

Pause at Yellow is a daily reflection service helps you deliberately cultivate the art of self-reflection and regularly introspect about your core beliefs, values, and directions.

Get a terrific new way to regularly reflect

We all need triggers to make us look up from the daily treadmill of non-stop action. Choose To Thinq has selected a top-notch array of reflective questions that will help you discover the art of regular and deliberate reflection.

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Some more examples of 'Yellow' questions

Questions span crucial topics like personal growth, style of work, leadership, productivity, relationships, achievement, knowledge, and more.


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