"A focus on information processing, reaction, and execution — while it may feel productive — causes the quality of our thoughts to suffer. We believe that corporate leaders in today’s complex world urgently need to recultivate the art of reflection."
How to Regain the Lost Art of Reflection, HBR, 2017

Living in the 'Over-Information' age, we are awash with things constantly trying to lure our attention. Result? We're all missing a critical ability to sit back, reflect, and think about the things that matter to all of us.

This HBR article calls out the danger, stating that "senior executives are victims of information overload and over-reliance on fast thinking" and that they "urgently need to recultivate the art of reflection".  The bad news? It's not just senior execs, but people of all kinds, who ought to be reflecting more deliberately and more often, but just don't.

And what sort of contemplation? 

"in reflective thought, a person examines underlying assumptions, core beliefs, and knowledge, while drawing connections between apparently disparate pieces of information", they say.


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