No, you read it right. We call these 'Work-Ships' because our workshops and deep engagement sessions help you 'ship' something concrete and also reinforce learning before and these sessions.

Each topic helps you build future relevance.

Here's a list of 'Work Ships' we currently offer. Looking for something not listed here? Get in touch and we'll try to help.

I was looking for a creative way to connect with small diverse groups of employees, and CTQ had the right idea for me. They pulled together an interaction based on happenings in 2016; we called it ‘Re:Think 2016’. It was thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time. I got to know these teams better based on their reactions about aspects of Innovation, Leadership, Technology, Managing Work, etc. Great concept!
— Managing Site Director, India R&D, VMware


  • “SIDEWAYS THINKING”: Foster unconventional thinking in your work. #individuals #teams

  • “ORCHESTRATING INNOVATION”: How to building an effective ecosystem for innovation in organisations and teams. #leaders #managers

  • “SELF-LEADERSHIP”: Be more productive, self-motivated, and a learner for life. #individuals #managers

  • “SURVIVING AI/SaaS”: How to think differently in a world being shaped by AI and SaaS #individuals #leaders #managers

  • “CHANGE TOOLBOX”: How to introduce, manage, and catalyse change. #leaders #managers


  • “PLUGGED IN”: Build a personal system around curiosity and reading, and managing your information diet. #individuals #teams

  • “QUINTESSENCE”: An active, quiz-based format to get the summary of a classic book in just under an hour. #teams

  • “WELL BEHAVED”: An introduction to ideas from behavioural economics & psychology. #individuals #teams

If you want to uplevel the engagement with audiences at events you sponsor, Choose To Thinq should be your go-to partner.
— Managing Director, India, IDeaS Revenue Solutions


  • “RETHINK”: Curiosity-led reflective sessions to help leaders set the agenda for the future #leaders

  • “QUIZZICAL ICEBREAKERS”: Invigorating and reinforcing interventions for offsites and conferences, designed to raise engagement in a meaningful way.