Why Uplevel?

Are you growth-minded? You'll recognise that the ways of the old, complacency and the vagaries of change can pose serious challenges to your ability to achieve audacious goals in the future.

Upleveling helps you overcome the forces of the status quo to reach the proverbial 'next level'. 

At CTQ, our focus is on helping teams and individuals 'uplevel' by helping them sustainably bring new ideas and knowledge into action.

How to 'uplevel'?

Upleveling uses knowledge and actions to build 'sticky' systems, processes, and habits to transform you. Every upleveling journey has these phases:


The tools of our trade

We help you uplevel by

...using a planned combination of

  • Workshops and Micro Learning
  • Quizzes and Games
  • Projects and 'Net Practice'
  • Mentoring and Facilitation
  • Outside-In Observations
  • Environmental Tweaks
  • Deep Self-Reflection

What we use

We weave together a variety of wise ideas, which come from:

  • Acclaimed sources of Wisdom such as books and experts
  • Methodologies such as Design Thinking and Lean Startup
  • Research on Change, Habits, and Culture
  • Behaviour Design, Persuasion, and Nudges
  • Analytical and Abductive Reasoning
  • Approaches like Deliberate Practice and Game Design
  • Quizzing and Curiosity

The upleveler's mindset

How to excel at upleveling?