Why Uplevel? 

The ways of the old and the inertia of the past poses the greatest challenge to the growth-minded. If you are a visionary leader, someone tasked with bringing innovation and change, or just someone taking charge of your own career and life, you'll need to overcome these to make progress.


Upleveling helps you beat the status quo and reach the proverbial 'next level'


We  use knowledge, actions, and fresh thinking to build 'sticky' systems, processes, and habits to transform teams and individuals.

Our upleveling framework has these phases


We've used this approach to tackle wicked problems such as fostering intrapreneurship and innovation, increasing social media advocacy, building curious self-learning professionals, and deepening employee engagement.


What we use

We are inspired by the best of wisdom, thinking, and outcomes from around the world

  • Acclaimed sources of wisdom such as books and experts

  • Methodologies such as Design Thinking and Lean Startup

  • Research on Change, Habits, and Culture

  • Behaviour Design, Persuasion, and Nudges

  • Analytical and Abductive Reasoning

  • Approaches like Deliberate Practice and Game Design

  • Quizzing and Curiosity


The upleveler's mindset