Knowing how to change is relatively simple. As Neil Armstrong will testify, an immensely long series of small steps could ultimately get you to a giant leap. What's incredibly tough is taking each and every one of those small steps.

THAT'S ONE SMALL STEP is powered by a practical Upleveling framework that marries the rational and emotional sides to humans to foster change in habits, culture, and behaviour. 


PROBLEM Creating a long-term culture of intrapreneurship for an R&D Tech Centre

SOLUTION A program that helps:

  • Engineers build the right behaviours for innovation
  • Administrators to design the right environment to support innovation
  • Leaders get more impact out of their innovation budget

PROBLEM Getting managers of a product company to build new capabilities for the future

SOLUTION After an active thinking workshop to begin the engagement, managers began work on a set of projects designed to help them build future-ready capabilities. To help them make progress, they recruited 'allies' and are guided by prompts that help them self-reflect.


Is your company culture due for an upgrade?

"Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast!"