The three things that motivate creative people: autonomy, mastery, purpose.
— Daniel Pink, "Drive"

In a future where mundane and repetitive work is getting automated, there is a premium for self-driven, curious humans solving unusual problems in previously unseen ways. But these don’t thrive in work cultures that were built for older paradigms.

Can your team offer a purposeful vision, provide true freedom to choose how someone is willing to approach their work, and enable conditions for self-learners to flourish?

On the other side of the coin, can you be a professional who can lead yourself, by harnessing these powers of intrinsic motivation?

CTQ helps growth-minded teams and individuals be part of how the future works by:

  • Creating and flourishing in environments that uplevel intrinsic motivation

  • Helping to create powerful, concrete, and visual credo statements

  • Creating time and space for innovation, learning, and constant transformation

  • Helping to increase engagement with learning programmes


Some of our work in promoting self-leadership


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