Read 500 pages every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest
— Warren Buffett

Unfortunately, most professionals are unable or unwilling to make reading useful books a habit. (If they got in 500 pages a year, they would consider a great year.)

The price is paid by organisations, because this lack of reading starves them of fresh ideas and useful insights. People lack perspective, are blindsided by events, and are unable to think broadly, strategically, or innovatively.

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What if your team could get the essence of great business books without having to spend time reading the book? 'The Same Page' brings the essence of acclaimed books  to teams using a highly insightful 'Quintessence' format.

This format uses a mix of quizzing and storytelling to deliver essential insights from an acclaimed business book. Each session also has activities that lead to actionable takeaways and peer discussions. 

All this is in 60 to 100 minutes.

(A common side-effect: participants get encouraged to make the effort of reading these books later - which is wonderful. We love books!)

Innovative and interesting concept. Kept the audience involved and on their toes – also, fun + learning combined. Novel way of generating curiosity
— Quintessence Participants from an MNC IT Major


  • Quickly brings a team up to speed with key insights from a book
  • A highly engaging format
  • More sticky insights thanks to quizzes and stories
  • Collective learning and discussion
  • Fosters a culture of curiosity in the long term

We also offer customizations, digital channels, and multi-site options.