Your employees won't read. But why let that hold your organization back?



Growth-minded leaders know that reading bestows superpowers. What if your team could get the essence of great business books without having to spend time reading them?

'The Same Page' brings the essence of acclaimed books to growth-minded teams. Each session, 60-90 mins long, delivers essential insights from one timeless business book. 

We use a highly engaging format designed for high engagement and recall. Participants can immediately put these insights to work.

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The choice of books spans themes such as change, innovation, leadership, and decision-making

Innovative and interesting concept. Kept the audience involved and on their toes – also, fun + learning combined. Novel way of generating curiosity
— Participants from an MNC IT Major
Read 500 pages every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest
— Warren Buffett