In times of change, learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.
— Eric Hoffer, Philosopher

We live in times of mad, breakneck change. That brings more blind spots. As you confidently walk on well-worn routes made for a previous era, you trip over a blind spot you never knew existed. And to find that the guidebook is perfectly useless for dealing with this situation.

"LET THERE BE LIGHT" helps you spot knowledge blind spots before they bite your decision-making and execution. It helps uplevelers make better decisions in the future, get better ideas, and make better conversations. Some of our work :


'Quintessence' Sessions

PROBLEM Put someone in front of a book and they come back defeated. While books are immense sources of wisdom, most people don't have the patience, skills, or motivation to make it through one.

SOLUTION Quintessence sessions are designed to deliver the essence of famous books on innovation, business, and other non-fiction in an incredibly interactive quiz-driven way. We've use this format to help teams build perspective and pick out actionable wisdom.

Learning Workshops

PROBLEM A head of a consulting group told us: "Our analysts are very tactical in their thinking and not future-oriented. Partly, it’s because they don’t read or have the ability to make meaningful conversation."

SOLUTION An active thinking workshop to help them build 'Curiosity and Reading' skills. CTQ workshops are usually part of a larger upleveling objective, which helps us select and deliver the right content, formats, and delivery modes.


Does your team have the ability to chart out future worlds?

Or does it rely on others to shine the light?


Nano & Micro Learning

Learning is NOT the same as doing a one-off training session, but something you do all the time. We've done micro-sessions lasting as little as 30 minutes, conducted learning through informal groups, and used online channels that let people learn at their own convenience.

PROBLEM Build social media savviness in our company

SOLUTION As part of a larger program, we've used micro-sessions on Twitter and LinkedIn. We paired these with an email-driven course that helps people build a habit of using Twitter over time.

Influence the Environment

What happens inside the training room, stays inside it! A learner's working environment is critical to her applying lessons learnt via books and trainings. So we work with clients to modify their environment to provide triggers and nudges that enable sticky learning.

PROBLEM As a follow-up to training sessions, a company wanted to gently remind intrapreneurs to put learning into action

SOLUTION We built custom desk calendars that neatly summarise books relevant to innovation. These came with weekly 'prompts' that ask them to put a key insight into practice.