A big thanks to CTQ for helping us drive innovation [...] through the last couple of years. Great out-of-the-box thinking and creative ideas.
— Managing Site Director (India R&D), VMware

Do you want to own your company’s agenda for tomorrow?

Legacy firms, remote sites of MNCs, and would-be Global Innovation Centres struggle to secure their future relevance, unless they truly to transform to being led by internal innovation. That’s because they were originally set up with a delivery-first mindset, leading to several issues:

  • Employees lack the skills and mindset to innovate

  • Innovation may happen sporadically, not systematically

  • There are ideas, but they are narrow, tactical, and incremental

  • No evidence of a buzz around innovation

  • Ideas keep coming up, but are they significant enough to lead to invoices?

We’ll help you transform your culture to:

  • create a systematic and sustainable environment that fosters creativity, curiosity, collaboration, customer knowledge and business context

  • help individuals to get excited about innovation

  • foster 'discovery' skills like asking good questions, making better observations, effectively experimenting, and networking


Highlights from our work on fostering innovation culture for organisations