A big thanks to CTQ for helping us drive innovation [...] through the last couple of years. Great out-of-the-box thinking and creative ideas.
— Managing Site Director (India R&D), VMware

"The ability to convert ideas into invoices". We love this definition of 'innovation' by Dr. Lewis Duncan. Turning a team 'innovative' is hard work.

In "BREAK NEW GROUND", we help you: 

  • modify your culture to add skills suited to ambiguity, such as problem finding, experimentation, and intelligent 'failure' 
  • help individuals to get excited about innovation
  • foster 'discovery' skills like asking good questions, observation and ideation, networking and pitching

Fostering innovation could be the most transformative experience for your organisation. Here are some examples of our work:


Build Intrapreneurship Culture

Companies usually hire employees for their skills in delivering to a plan and then expect them to also become 'innovators'. Intrapreneurs can be built, judging from this example.

PROBLEM Help an 1500+ person R&D tech centre go from scattered innovation to a systematic culture of intrapreneurship resulting in them being voted a "Great Place to Innovate".

SOLUTION An impactful programme, now in its 5th year that

  • Uses content, coaching, and tech platforms to drive intrapreneurship
  • Identifies would-be intrapreneurs
  • Focus on ideation, pitching, and collaboration
  • Increases the impact of innovation
  • A internal HBR-like resource for relevant how-tos, checklists, actual stories of internal innovation, and engagement

Playfully Engaging with Knowledge

Getting and retaining engagement in a distracted online environment can be tough. How do you bring engagement here?

PROBLEM Harvard Business Review launched HBR Ascend, a new knowledge offering for emerging leaders. For this, HBR was looking to engage online readers and retaining their attention longer on what was a serious business content website. 

SOLUTION We designed pop-up ‘case study questions’ based on HBR articles that helped readers test themselves. Answers also lead readers to other parts of the website.


Is innovation in your organization spotty?

Or is there any method to the madness?


Customer Connect

Understanding customers and users is critical to create meaningful innovation.

PROBLEM Help engineers make the shift from tactical to strategic customer conversations.

SOLUTION A mix of knowledge + action sessions around

  • Better use of empathy, observation, and conversation
  • Bringing back knowledge to the organisation from customer interactions
  • Using social media to spot customer trends


Getting more out of Hackathons


Hackathons have become a sign of innovation within groups. But are you getting the most out of these? Or is it just a way for people to take a break from work?

PROBLEM A product company asked: "Can we make our existing hackathon more impactful"?

SOLUTION We co-designed additions aimed at

  • Increasing the involvement of leaders in the process to improve quality of problems & ideas
  • Help participants use design thinking during the hackathon
  • Get participants better at pitching their prototypes

As a result, our clients see improved business outcomes from hackathons .