I was looking for a creative way to connect with small diverse groups of employees, and [CTQ] had the right idea for me. They pulled together an interaction based on happenings in 2016; we called it ‘Re:Think 2016’. It was thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time. I got to know these teams better based on their reactions about aspects of Innovation, Leadership, Technology, Managing Work, etc. Great concept!”
— Niranjan Thirumale, Managing Site Director, India R&D, VMware

Engagement is more than just helping people take a break from work. "GET YOUR FLOW ON" attacks deeper issues such as:

  • How to enable professionals get into the zone of 'flow', where they feel vibrantly engaged with what they do?
  • How can companies and leaders connect with people they care about, be it customers, employees, or partners ?
  • How to get teams and employees to 'say, stay, and strive'?

Meaningful Engagement Inside Organisations

PROBLEM Help leaders of rapidly growing Tech Centres engage with employees in unconventional ways 

SOLUTION We've designed game-based informal interactions and 'Office Hours' to help leaders build relationships with their employees, understand them better, and guide their career growth. These created engagement opportunities outside conventional 'All Hands' and 'One on Ones'.

If you want to uplevel the engagement with audiences at events you sponsor, Choose To Thinq should be your go-to partner
— K S Prashant, Managing Director, India, IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Audience Engagement at Conferences

PROBLEM Why are conferences  so predictably dull? Using active forms of engagement, we've helped 'uplevel' conferences and panel discussions.

SOLUTION In one case, our ice-breakers before a sponsored panel discussion subtly conveyed the 'premium tech' positioning of the sponsor. In another, we added clever interventions to a research conference to help participants network better, delivered desired content differently, and kept audiences awake! In a third, a carefully designed intervention primed the audience for the keynote speaker .

how often do you find yourself in flow?

Flow is a feeling of deep engagement in work


Using Social Media for Professional Growth and Employer Advocacy

PROBLEM Get employees to use Twitter effectively

SOLUTION A continuous program to build a habit around Twitter use for professional growth. This introduces employees to the benefits and features of social media, motivates them to stay connected, and creates triggers to keep using it. In the process, this helps employer branding on social media.

Brands and Customers

PROBLEM Help brands build loyalty and communities, and bring information about themselves to new customers

SOLUTION Our work (under our Thinq2Win quizzing brand) has helped the microbrewery Doolally engage their patrons via a weekly pub quiz and a Twitter quiz. Since 2014, they engage with an average of 300 people per week. We've also worked with brands in travel, ecommerce, heritage and culture, and organisations for recruitment branding. For more, visit Thinq2Win here.