Invented by CTQ, COMPOUNDs help individuals and cohorts systematically build habits such as reading, reflecting, and writing i.e. cognitive routines that compound over time. Designed using effective principles from research on habit-building, nudges, and persuasion, COMPOUNDs help foster and reinforce curiosity, team bonding, and individual mastery.

COMPOUNDs are ideal for:

  • Self-led individuals (who want to uplevel their reading, foster curiosity, and build perspective)

  • Teams led by forward-thinking leaders (who want to uplevel team engagement, group curiosity, and spark reflection)

  • Trainers and Coaches (who want to reinforce their teachings after a workshop)

ctq case studies-reading compound.png

Compounds began as an experiment in 2018 at CTQ, to help the team read widely and wisely. Each day, we would read one summary of a book - something that continues even today, 600+ days later. Read more about our journey so far, and why this system is sticky.

If you’d like to build a reading habit for yourself or your team, join an upcoming batch of the CTQ Reading Compound.

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