Helping growth-minded decision-makers uplevel teams and individuals

In our upleveling challenge projects, we help growth-minded decision-makers raise the bar in areas such as innovation, learning, engagement and organisational culture.

We attack problems on several fronts, especially on the human and environmental aspects. We help you gain knowledge, build habits and routines, and implement fresh thinking. Think of us as a mix of sherpas, experts, and mentors that don't just tell you how to change, but are also at your side when you do the heavy lifting and steep climbing.

How this works

  • Continuous engagement to uplevel teams and individuals
  • In areas such as innovation, productivity, curiosity, engagement, and culture
  • Using multiple interventions in learning, behaviour, and environment
  • Using our framework
  • We work closely with decision-makers and growth-minded teams to deliver business impact
  • Engagement durations vary from three months to multiple years



We've worked in upleveling challenges such as... 


  • Creating a culture of intrapreneurship in an R&D technology centre
  • Making hackathons more valuable
  • Helping leaders 'orchestrate' innovation

Deep Engagement

  • Unconventional leadership engagement
  • Increasing social media advocacy
  • Better audience engagement

Learning & Knowledge

  • Building a habit of curiosity
  • Build perspective and reduce blind spots
  • Using social media for professional growth

Personal and Team Effectiveness

  • Learning to be more productive
  • Designing innovation-friendly environments
  • Building a growth mindset