Subscribe to the CTQ Reading Compound to nurture a system of wisdom

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Have you always wanted to read more wisely and widely, but haven't been able to make it a regular, directed, and focused habit?

Join the CTQ reading compound to uplevel your reading and build a daily system of consuming wisdom.

How this will benefit you

  • Read something wise each day; turn it into a system

  • Compound your knowledge over time

  • Reinforce a knowledge and reading habit

To be a part of this, you need to commit to this system:

  • Join an invited WhatsApp group and follow the rules

  • Read a carefully curated article (reading time 10-15 mins) each day, for at least 6 days a week, for a period of 6 months

  • Forfeit membership if you miss more than three times.

Why this works:

The ‘compound’ system is a practical mix of proven ideas from motivation, behavioural design, and habit formation. It is based on our own experience of reading at least one piece of wisdom each day for close to 500 days.

What you’ll pay:


This includes:

  • Access to an exclusive WhatsApp group (max 10 people)

  • For a period of 6 months

  • Actively moderated by CTQ, who will post one reading article each day

  • Expert advice on sustaining your habit

  • Opt-out for a full refund any time in the first 7 days

How each week will look like:

The kind of reading you will encounter:

  • The reading compound is designed for variety and regularity. Each week, expect to read 2 book summaries and 4 non-fiction articles from easily accessible sources like Farnam Street, HBR, 1843 magazine, Fast company, etc.

  • A wide variety of domains and topics. Examples:

    • Domains: tech, finance, business, food and fashion, personal improvement, culture, society etc.

    • Cultures: India, the West, China, Africa etc.

    • Topics: decision-making,story-telling, curiosity, history, design etc.

When does this begin:

  • The first three batches began on 13 May 2019. The next batch will begin in July 2019.

  • Sign up to book your place for the next batch.

Need help? Clarifications? Suggestions? Write in here or email ‘compounds[at]’ (but check the FAQs below first)


  • These pieces of content are already freely available. So why should I join this?

    This will help you build a personal ‘reading for wisdom’ system that lets you take full advantage of the abundant free knowledge out there. Do you have such a system already?

  • For me, ‘reading' means ‘reading a book’. Do you consider book summaries and blog posts and articles also as reading?

    Yes. The act of regular reading is more important than what you read. The size/genre of what you read is secondary. Here, we’ll pick specific short pieces that ensure a sense of achievement each day, leading to a positive feedback loop. If you want to simultaneously make progress on a book, we can show you how to piggyback on this design.

  • What happens after six months?

    We believe you’ll have crafted a personal reading system by then. If you’d like to continue with a reading compound-system, we’ll offer you the chance to join a passively curated compound. (Let’s get to that when the time is right.)

  • Why will this approach work?

    It’s built on research-backed ideas about building habits and sustaining motivation. It also comes from CTQ’s own experience of sustaining a group reading habit for a streak of 500 days (read this and this to know more), as well as building curiosity-led routines for our clients. As you participate, you’ll encounter a variety of simple yet powerful nudges designed to keep you on track.

  • Will you also teach me how to read better?

    Not if you had things like ‘speed-reading’ in mind. Our focus is on habit-building. Once you create the right environment and system that ensures quality and consistency, you will get better at figuring this out yourself. We will provide support on both habit building & improving the quality of your reading.

  • I have some specific topics of interest that I’d like to read about. Can we include them?

    We welcome recommendations from participants. If they are likely to be of general interest to others in the group, we will include them. One of the aims is to nudge you towards more breadth in your reading. We’ll take the final curation calls.

  • I’m a leader and I’d like to get my team to build this reading system (preferably with a custom mix of reading topics). What can you do for me?

    Sure, that should be possible. Please get in touch with us here.

  • What if the system doesn’t work for me? Can I opt-out?

    You can opt-out any time in the first week and receive a full refund. After the first week, you can opt-out but a refund will no longer be possible.

  • What if I can’t read because I am on vacation, snowed under work, or ill?

    We understand. However, we believe this habit should be sustained even through most difficult stretches where you may lack time or motivation. (In fact, this may help take your mind off your current situation.) That said, we’ll allow up to 5 vacation days in the six month period - just let us know in advance. If you fell ill or experienced an unreasonably tough situation, just let us know. (We trust your integrity.) If you won’t have internet access for a while, we can send you the material for offline reading in advance.

  • Can I invite a friend?

    Of course! In fact, the right social company helps nurture habits. So encourage one or more friends to sign-up.

  • Why is it called a ‘compound’?

    At CTQ, a ‘compound’ is where cohorts work together to uplevel a habit, something that figuratively ‘compounds’ over time. So Cohorts Opt-in to Meaningfully and Purposefully work at an Objective and Uplevel using Nudges Daily. (Yes, that took many chefs to cook up!)