According to the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, there's a simple formula to getting smarter.

"Read. A Lot."

But the way people consume USEFUL information from BOOKS has DRAMATICALLY changed.

Why People Don't Read Useful Books Any More

Starved of new ideas?

If your people are unwilling to consume useful information from sources such as books, is your organization being starved of fresh ideas and useful information?


Quintessence is a highly engaging way to learn useful information from great sources of wisdom, such as a highly acclaimed book. The format helps participants discover insights from a book, learn from other participants, and provide their own inputs, thus obtaining the essence of a book.

A session is based on one book. It usually lasts for about 100 minutes, is best suited for a group of not more than 25 people in leadership roles. The session is agnostic of whether you have read the book or not.

A Quintessence session is guaranteed to be highly engaging, provide you enough fodder to take back home to your teams, and certain to leave you thinking.

How it works?

We recommend Quintessence sessions for the following objectives:

  • Learning about a new topic from a respected book
  • Following up to just concluded learning programmes on themes such as Change Management, Inspirational Leadership, Becoming Innovative etc.
  • Sensitisation and Awareness
  • Thinking Events for special occasions

Learning With Quintessence

Examples of Books

Quintessence - Examples of Books

To put Quintessence to work for your learning objectives, write in to harish[at]choosetothinq.com.