[ebook] 52 ways to be curious in Pune

The cure for boredom is curiosity, they say. If you are a curious person in the age-old city of Pune, can boredom dare strike you? There are amazing things around every tekdi, chowk, and katta. Come over, we'll show you.

Our brand new ebook to the rescue

Our curated list of '52 Must Dos' will help you cut through the clutter, to break past the question of 'what is there to do in Pune?'. We've side-stepped the bounds of convention and tradition to bring you both the known and the lesser-known. You can set off right away with this in hand or do one each week to make it an incredibly curious year. Some things are for all ages, while some are better suited for children or just adults. Literature, culture, night-life, sports: Pune spans them all.

Here's a preview of some of the recommendations in the ebook. There are 52 such recommendations in all.