If you are a lifelong learner, this is for you.

Tim Brown, CEO of the innovation consulting firm IDEO wrote this post on "how to inspire creativity and lifelong learning for everyone". In this post, he talks about how lifelong learners in professional life feel the need to explore and express creative and other facets in their work, and sometimes get frustrated on not having the opportunities to do so.

Brown writes:

I’ve met a lot of people [...] who are craving new challenges and new ways of thinking and working. They’re lifelong learners, and they’re interested in amplifying their craft -- whether they’re doctors, engineers, designers, researchers, filmmakers, architects. These are motivated leaders who want to stay nimble and sharp, and are finding ways to do it despite their busy schedules.

He then talks about how a number of online offerings have emerged, that let these kinds of people keep learning, especially in the creative space, some from traditional universities and also, increasingly, from the private sectors. (IDEO, which has long positioned itself as a leader and teacher of creativity and innovation, has launched IDEO U to deliver creativity courses).

This is just the beginning. As the breadth and variety of online learning keeps growing, we are exploring this as well, with the launch of IDEO U. We understand that learning has to accommodate people’s lives in a realistic context. We still have much to learn about how best to deliver learning experiences about creativity in an online environment. No doubt there will be more innovation to come in this arena, but we hope many people [...] will benefit from learning how to unlock their creative potential and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

Here's a list of some of the online learning avenues that Brown mentions in his post:

We at Choose To Thinq have been monitoring and using some of these great online learning platforms. We also have our own take and offerings such as Quintessence to help leaders, both established and budding, to raise their game through learning and knowing. If you have a "THINQ" mindset, you must be a lifelong learner with a belief in growing all the time.