What drives us?

Everyone needs a raison d'être. People have often asked us what drives us at Choose To Thinq – especially, since we do so many different things. We conduct pub quizzes at pubs like Doolally, we deliver corporate learning sessions at places like Capgemini, we conduct quizzes at college fests like Mood Indigo at IIT Powai, we create content for apps like QuizUp, we conduct school quiz leagues, we deliver curiosity workshops at British Library, we own a quiz platform in Perisqope, we do brand activation for travel companies like TUI, we are innovation partners for VMware India. We even sell calendars! WHY?

We help organizations and individuals to THINQ i.e. think and innovate at work, life and play, using a question-led approach. We think more and more people should be THINQing and the world will naturally be a better, definitely a more interesting place! Everything we do is a small step to question status quo and do it better. According to our calculations, since 2014, we have got more than 60,000 people THINQing. And we have set ourselves an ambitious 10x target: of getting 1 million people to THINQ before the end of 2018.

Any lesser target wouldn’t have got us even remotely interested! We are getting closer to our target with every interaction that we make ‘more interesting’ and ‘smarter’.

So, what’s your reason for existence?

By the way, if THINQing can make your “reason for existence” more impactful, let’s talk!