The Curious Case of... Dr Bhooshan Shukla

curious cases
curious cases

(All of us are born curious. Some of us actively practice it, irrespective of age. Our Curious Cases series gives you a glimpse into the minds of such curious folk. May they rub off you the right way!)

Name Dr Bhooshan Shukla

Location Pune, India

What I do Child and Adolescent psychiatrist

On the Curiosity scale, I am... Super Curious

What I prefer to consume (in descending order of preference): Newspaper (electronic) > Books > TV shows > Social Media > Movies (less than 10 per year)

Number of books and movies I get through in a year Books about 20, movies: 10 or less

One book I'd recommend to a friend / colleague:Thinking Fast and Slow

My best source for book / movie / website recommendations: Friends

I am currently reading:Asterix

One place on Earth that I am very curious about:Great Rift Valley in Africa

Website(s) that I get a lot of useful info from: Stumbleupon

One topic I am super-opinionated about: Religion

People come to me to find out what I think about these topics: Psychology, Medicine, Hypnosis, Evolution, Public Speaking

What I prefer to use (in descending order of preference) Facebook > Twitter > Quora

The strangest food item I have eatenFish eyes

If I could spend a day in the mind, body, and shoes of a person, it would be...David Attenborough

One interesting / fun fact I recently learnt: Trigonometry has practical uses.

I stay up-to-date by doing this... Surfing net for information and reading stuff written by people who believe in things that I don't - understanding counterpoint

One interesting/fun fact about myself I believe that I had a past life in Ireland (though I don't believe in past life stuff)

I express my curiosity by doing these things: Read, read, read

The one thing I am very interested in Evolution

A habit or skill I'd love to acquire:Calligraphy

A movie or TV show that taught me something newThe Big Bang Theory - it taught me that earning money is important, you can always appear nicer if you are rich.

If there was one mystery I'd like to solve, it would be What women want?

I would love to do this at least onceCave Diving in Mexico

People I would like to ask all these same questions to: All women

Curiosity is important to my work because... It helps me understand people better and protects me from being opinionated and biased

Someone I know who asks a lot of questions My 9-yr old daughter

My curiosity tip Don't believe anything that you see, hear or read.

Where you can be found online @docbhooshan Blog -

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