5 ways to get smarter in life

  1. Read. Read. Read. If you've lost the habit, rediscover it. If you didn't have the habit, develop it.
  2. Listen but actively. Listen to music, to podcasts, to people. But actively. Don't let it just run in the background. Pay attention to the different instruments, the arguments, the things that people say.
  3. Ask Questions. Questions are a great way to exercise your brain, for it gets you to analyse and synthesise information.
  4. Move. Physical activity gets your brain moving as well. Take up a sport, play with children, go dancing, go trekking, or just use the stairs.
  5. Try something new. Otherwise you'll be stuck in the same routines and ruts. Break patterns. Eat something new. Go to a new place. Try a new product. Say hello to a new person. It may be scary. It may flop. It may not result in anything. But it's a key step to being curious and thus getting smarter.