How to get inspired by the 2018 Choose To Thinq Calendar in 12 easy steps


Innovator? Change-maker? Beater of the Status Quo? We call this 'upleveling'.

We all need allies in our upleveling journeys to inspire and lift us. How about a calendar as a trusted sidekick? We've put 12 real-life stories of putting a ding in the universe in our 2018 calendar (in previous years, we did summaries of great non-fiction for our calendars).

Our webcomic-style calendar helps you live, learn, and uplevel in 2018. Each story illustrates a different aspect of innovation and change, from dealing with constraints to vision to being brutally honest.

The calendars are available in two formats. Details below. 

The CTQ 2018 Desk Calendar

Sized 9 x 6 inches, put inspiration at hand on your desk. 

Purchase for Rs. 500/- per unit.

The CTQ 2018 Wall Calendar

Sized 11 x 8.5 inches, turn your wall into an instant inspiration zone.

Purchase for Rs. 600/- per unit.

More peeks inside (note: the wall and desk calendar designs differ slightly)