How to get inspired by the 2018 Choose To Thinq Calendar in 12 easy steps

How to get inspired by the 2018 Choose To Thinq Calendar in 12 easy steps

Innovator? Change-maker? Beater of the Status Quo? Get inspired by 12 real-life stories of putting a ding in the universe by hanging up this calendar on your wall. Our webcomic-style calendar helps you live, learn, and uplevel in 2018. Available in Desk and Wall formats.

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The Choose To Thinq 2017 Calendar


Your desk could teach you a thing or two.

If it's got our Calendar on it, any desk or wall automatically becomes the smartest thing in your room. Besides you, of course!

At Choose To Thinq, one of the things we do well is to help people and organisations apply insights from great books. One way we make these learnings accessible and convenient is via our annual calendar.

Each page is an actionable summary of a terrific book. In addition, we add 'prompts' to each Sunday to help you apply insights from them into your daily life, aiding habit formation and increased productivity. (Think of it as a life coach,only it doesn’t need your credit card details and is much less annoying!)

Like our 2016 edition, the 2017 edition has insights across topics such as innovation, creativity, and personal growth.

The 11 books featured in the 2017 edition (the 12th page has a little surprise for you!) are:

  • The Ten Faces of Innovation
  • Influence
  • Contagious
  • Decisive
  • Mindset
  • Grit
  • Start With Why
  • Triggers
  • Reinventing Organisations
  • Brain Rules
  • Creativity Inc.

The Retro Version


Calendars may come and go, but great books are timeless. If you'd like to also get hold of our book summaries from last year (but with this year's dates!), get the 2017 Retro edition which covers:

  • Thinking, Fast and Slow
  • Made to Stick
  • The Power of Habit
  • Drive
  • The Innovator's DNA
  • Switch
  • The Checklist Manifesto
  • The Virgin Way
  • The One Thing
  • Lean In
  • Flow

Have a wonderful and smart 2017!