Help us build our library

Here at Choose To Thinq, books are what energy cells are to clocks: they make us tick. We love books and love helping people grow by getting them to consume and applying the wisdom from books. We are constantly stocking and restocking our library of books - this time, we are looking specifically at books that can help you work better. Can you help us? Then read on!

Some of the themes we are interested in getting books for, are:

  • Practising Innovation and Building Innovation Culture
  • Persuasive Communication
  • Making Change Happen
  • Being More Productive
  • Making Better Decisions

Got some book recommendations for these topics? Write us using the comments below. Or join the conversation on our social media channels: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter 

You can also go beyond these topics and tell us some must-have books for our library. We will put up a list of books based on what you tell us, so go ahead!