CTQ's 2019 Calendars are now available for sale

It’s time to make your desk and wall a little smarter. Presenting our three 2019 calendars - each one of them has your future relevance in mind.

All calendars come in Wall (28 x 21 cm) and Desk (21 x 9.5 cm) sizes.

(1/3) A Calendar to inspire, encourage, and support self-led learning

The ability to learn new things is increasingly becoming a survival skill. Use 11 insights to uplevel the way you learn, based on real-world stories of fantastic self-learners.

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(2/3) A Calendar to help you deliberately reflect on what’s important

Think about these 12 questions from our Pause at Yellow reflection service and discover more power, poise, and purpose to 2019.

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(3/3) A Calendar to power up your thinking

12 time-tested ideas and mental models that will help you make better decisions, be more creative, and find your next gear.

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We hope you have a successful, profitable, and relevant 2019!