A book list to think better about Career/Job changes

Making a switch in what you do for a living is a classic case of a tough decision problem: you are never sure you have all the facts, there’s uncertainty in outcomes, and significant consequences for getting it right or wrong. Fortunately, most of us don’t have to make this under extreme time pressure, so why not learn from the experiences and wisdom of others?

Here’s a book list that we would recommend for such thinking:

  1. Decisive” - a book about decision-making. Use a process to make a better decision in such situations. (Amazon)

  2. Designing your Life” - applying the ideas of Design Thinking for career choices. (Amazon)

  3. Linchpin” - when you are seeking indispensability in what you do. (Amazon)

  4. Bullshit Jobs” - you are not alone! (Amazon)

  5. Strengths Finder 2.0” - a systematic approach to articulating your core strengths (Amazon)

  6. Thirst” - one man’s journey in finding purpose in life (Amazon)

  7. Ikigai” - thinking more broadly about life and what you really want out of it. (Amazon)