300: "This is Compound!"

(From Edition 18 of The Upleveler, our weekly smartletter)

Saturday, Oct 28 was the 300th day of 2018. It was a milestone for us here at CTQ, because we completed 300 days of an internal project we started on 1st Jan 2018. 

Called the "Reading Compound", we read one non-fiction book summary each day. And there's seven of us. Even if it takes only 15 minutes each day, doing something for 300 days in a row is tough. Multiply it with  a number of people, and the odds of survival can be bleak. 

There's a reason why this worked: we had designed this Compound based on some principles of human behaviour, such as:

  • Positive Social Pressure

  • Short Habit Routines

  • Reducing Friction in the Environment

[By the way, we call this a 'Compound' because of that saying about 'knowledge compounding by reading' daily']

Along the way, we've started more internal compounds: one for Writing and one for learning more about the Arts. We've also done compounds for our clients. It's taught us quite a bit about habit and behaviour change, how to design for regular knowledge consumption, and how to ride on the power of a committed group. 

We live in times where there is abundant access to information, attention/distraction has been weaponised, and where we have to constantly fight the side-effects of too much choice.

In such environments, building the right habits have become critical.

We are opening up external compounds for reading, writing, personal branding, and reflection. Do you have trouble regularly reading timeless pieces of wisdom? Failing in your quest to build a personal brand through writing? Trying to be more introspective? Then this is for you.

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And, here are 6 interesting takeaways from our reading compound's 300 days!


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