Play the Fool

(This is from Edition 40 of The Upleveler, our weekly smartletter)


Historically, the 'Fool' always had an important role in society. The court jester was one who was allowed to speak truth to power, often via humour and self-deprecation.

No one knows exactly how April Fool's Day originated, but it's a great day to look at things sideways, upside-down, and re-imagine the status quo. Not just outwards, but inwards.

"What If?" Day

April the First is a day to think differently, become someone else, and be allowed to be a little silly. Some media and tech companies have used it for imaginative impact. How about using it to encourage yourself to re-imagine life for a day? "Imagine yourself as someone else", "Wear something unusual", "Try doing something different" - these questions would be the order of the day.

Use this Day to consider what your world could be like in the future. Allow your inner fool to poke holes in what you do and how you do it. And in the process, ask the big question: "how relevant will I be in that future world?"

Three fun lenses you can take for this:

  • What will I be wearing in ten years time?

  • What will my day be like in five years time?

  • Professionally, what's the craziest thing that would have happened to me in a year's time?

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