Persistence is a big factor in success

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The theory of "Grit" by psychologist Angela Duckworth is a summary of her research into success, and how effort & persistence are more important than aspects such as talent, purpose, and passion.

Here's a quick summary of her central thesis:


Now, in her book, Duckworth also talks about four Parenting Styles and the role they play in fostering Grit among children:


Obviously, "Wise" is the place to be! The Wise Parent is both Supportive and Demanding, and this leads to Grit (and increases the chances of Success) - that's the theory.

What lesson can we uplevelers take from this? 

Upleveling with the future in mind definitely needs grit. You are already running on a treadmill, but have to find a way to learn, practice, and reflect if you have to find your next level. No one's taught you how to do this, and there's no ready path.

In such situations, finding yourself in a 'Wise' environment i.e. one that is both Demanding yet Supportive may play a very important role in pushing you forward.

If you are a leader, you need to find out how to guide & support those who you make demands of. We often work with such leaders trying to push their organisation forward. Sometimes, they may forget about the Support dimension.

On the other hand, as a professional, it's your job to respond to these Demands and seek out Support. Being in such a zone may make you very uncomfortable, but if it takes you towards greater future relevance, it's worth gritting your teeth for.

All of us have a role in creating, shaping, and participating in a Grittier Environment around us.

What do you think?

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