The thinking person's guide to vacations

(From Edition 27 of The Upleveler, our weekly smartletter)


Vacations are precious, so put them to good use!

1. Try initiating a new habit: studies show vacations are a good time to build a new habit, because you are likely to be in a different place, mentally and physically.

2. The first step: Instead of just picking a resolution for the next year, also think of what the first step would be towards achieving the resolution. (And keep the step tiny.) This increases the chances of you actually following through.

3. Disconnect: we are tethered to our phones for the rest of the year. Get away!

4. Reflect: think about the little and big questions in your life.

5. Curate: Fill up your reading/writing/listening list for the next year. Curation takes time and a peaceful frame of mind, so do that now. You'll have lesser trouble keeping up a positive consumption habit next year if you've already got the list done.

Which of these things do you already do on your vacations? Tell us in the comments section!

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