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“Upleveling Compounds” help growth-minded individuals grow specific habits and learning timeless wisdom together with similarly committed individuals. At CTQ, we have been running compounds for reading, writing, and knowledge-based pursuits since early 2018. (Read about this, for instance.)


  • Help growth-minded teams and individuals uplevel the way they, think, work, and innovate

  • Using a combination of knowledge + action + reflection

  • In a practical, consistent, and sustainable way

An Upleveling Compound

Has the following components:

  • Objective: uplevel a specific growth area for a group of people

    • Habit-oriented: e.g. building a reading habit, improving personal branding

    • Knowledge-oriented: e.g. learning about AI and the future of work

  • A group of people (about 10-25), with a shared purpose/context and committed to action

  • Uses a digital channel to provide prompts for knowledge consumption, action, and reflection

  • Frequency of prompts: 3-7 times a week

  • Duration: Typically, Habit compounds are for about 100 days

Upcoming Compounds

  • Wisdom Reading: build a habit of reading important and timeless pieces of wisdom that make you better at decision-making, productivity, curiosity, and other future-oriented aspects

  • Writing for Personal Branding

  • Self-Reflection

  • Building Perspective, Curiosity, and Trust in Teams through Reflection

CTQ will be announcing details of the next batch of compounds in the coming weeks. People on our watch list get preferential announcements. If you are interested in being informed, please register for the watch list below:

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