CTQ 'Beat the Status Quo'

Did you know that 2018 marks 200 years of using the treadmill as a punishment device for prisoners? Each new year, we continue to stay on life’s treadmill, endlessly running on and on, but never getting to the ‘next level’.

Trapped on the status quo treadmill?

At Choose To Thinq, we help the world beat its status quo. We call this UPLEVELING.

Each year, we help growth-minded teams and professionals succeed by bringing them vital information via highly impactful online formats. Below, you'll find our 2018 list of events. Each will be delivered via an online session or ebook.

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JAN What makes great teams work well together?

FEB Famous self-learners and what you can learn from them

MAR Future of work: What are the latest trends in how the world will work?

APR Upleveling thought leadership inside a team

MAY How to ‘connect the dots’ for better ideas?

JUL 50 books, 50 takeaways

JUL How to build a culture of perpetual learning?

AUG How can managers lead and orchestrate innovation?

SEP Learn 3 new ways to NOT make decisions like a love-crazed teenager

OCT How to build habits and make them stick?

NOV How will you measure your life?

DEC The 25 most important things we learnt in 2018

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Have a great 2018!

Before we go: Have you seen our unbelievably interesting calendar? It'll put inspiration on your desk for the whole year via 12 real-life upleveling stories.