Procrastination Jiu-Jitsu WORK SHIP on Oct 28, 2017 in Mumbai

If you are human, you are a procrastinator. But what if you could turn procrastination into an ally and use it to defeat itself?

Tl;dr: We are running a WORK SHIP on procrastination on Oct 28 in Mumbai. Here are the details. If you'd love to participate but aren't in town that day, see the end of this post.


Understanding Procrastination is important to us as a company. We all want to get work done properly and on time. Our colleagues and customers depend on us to do so. We don't want to feel guilty about an unproductive day. Reducing the effects of procrastination gives us more time to spend with friends, family and pet projects. It makes us better professionals.

Yet, none of us has been shown how to do so. So we studied procrastination and experimented with many of the techniques, apps, and hacks that others claim have worked for them. And put it into this 'WORK SHIP'.

The 2-hour session on the afternoon of 28 Oct 2017 covers:

  • Why you are not alone: the science behind procrastination and your procrastination style

  • The Habit Defence: hacking your brain using habits to reduce the effects of procrastination

  • When procrastination is good

  • Tools and techniques: Effectively using the Pomodoro method, practical To-Do lists, and other lifehacks

  • Assembling your own Procrastination Playbook

IMPORTANT: We know that a single workshop can’t help you beat procrastination. So we’ll also help you with post-workshop exercises to put these ideas into practice.

Who is it for

Any working professional, especially freelancers. Register here.

If you can't make it to this session...

Not from Mumbai or not available that day? Register yourself via the form below and we'll tell you when we are running this in your city or via an online session.

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